Raven Flyway

My office window looks out toward a raven flyway. Each day a little after sunrise and a little before sunset, ravens fly by on their way to work and back. From their nests in the foothills east of town, they fly to their scavenging sites. They spend their days cruising for roadkill, natural carcasses, human garbage, whatever food they can find. And they commute to work just like we do, mostly individually, sometimes in pairs.


I enjoy watching them fly by. Personalities shine through as some fly slowly and deliberately, some quickly. Some flap flap flap the whole way home, others flap and glide. A few have a gap where wing feathers are missing, but still fly well enough to get around. Sometimes I make up stories for them: that is a mating couple going back to their shared nest. That is a young male strutting his way through the sky. If it’s a slow day at work, I give myself permission to watch for several minutes, let their steady wingbeats slow down my heartbeat. Instead of walking meditation, it’s watching meditation.


I am so lucky to see these ravens every weekday. Hope you are enjoying your birds or other critters wherever you are. What interesting things can you see from your window?

Encore, first posted on February 17, 2012

Photo from Wikicommons, by Calle Eklund/V-wolf

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