Romance and Marriage

Romance and Marriage–those two words didn’t always go together; in fact, prearranged marriages were common until the 1800s and still exist in some parts of the world. But today in our culture, we assume people marry for love. And most of us stick it out through thick and thin because of romance. But not the flashy kind you might expect.


I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately, because we just had our 29th wedding anniversary, and my daughter is getting married later this month. I think romance changes as we get older and more familiar with each other, but it’s still an important element in any marriage.


When my DH and I were courting, we would go on dates, buy flowers or do other standard romantic things. Now, romance is more often a thoughtful gesture or sentimental gift. But it doesn’t have to be the flowers and chocolate kind. One time, my DH gave me a hair dryer because he noticed mine had just died. Recently, he changed my tires to put the snow ones back on (due to a late snowstorm the morning I needed to drive somewhere), then changed them back when everything melted. His idea, without whining. Now that’s a prince, if you ask me.


Love has more to do with giving and doing than it does with fireworks and rainbows. Sometimes it shows itself when your loved one sticks with you in hard times or pulls an extra load without complaint. And when you do that for your loved one, it feels wonderful  to contribute when he or she needs you the most. That’s the romance that holds marriages together. And the kind I wish for you.

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