Summer Solstice, Writing Routines 6/22/2012

Happy solstice! We Alaskans usually celebrate solstice because the amount of daylght affects our life so much. It is common to go hiking to a scenic place to watch the sunset, or have a baseball game at midnight. But I confess I didn’t do anything special this year.


I have found a writing routine that works for me. I divide my workday into different tasks in order to work on the creative side and the business side. This week, I finished the final draft of my Skagway book and saved it in two places. (Maybe “final” should be tentative–there always seems to be one more thing to change or add!) Then I did some research for my work in progress, about the Kantishna Mining District and the creation of Mt. McKinley National Park nearby. I also created an author Facebook page and read about the next two agents I am considering. Lots of tasks, but all related to my work as Lynn Lovegreen.


Since I am linear-oriented, I find it easier to break the tasks into similar groups. I usually do my manuscript writing and researching in the mornings, when my creative brain can work best. Then I do my business writing and researching in the afternoon, when my left brain is more awake. One day I should try switching things around to see if my instinct is right about this, but so far the system is working for me.


To see my new Facebook page, please go to your Facebook account and search for Lynn Lovegreen. I’d appreciate any “Likes”, thanks!!!! 🙂

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