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    Alaska State Fair, 2019

    My daughter and I went to the fair last weekend. The Alaska State Fair has several locations, but the biggest is in Palmer, in the Matanuska Valley. The Matanuska Colony was started by the federal government during the Great Depression…

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    Alaska’s Digital Archives

    Sometimes, people ask how I find historical details for my books. While I can learn much from books, interviews, and websites, photographs show a lot of information I can’t get from words. Researchers and history buffs have a great online…

  • Public school children with American flags parading down street for July 4th celebration Nome Alaska 1901 HEGG 198 via Wilkipedia Commons

    4th of July in Old Alaska

    Here’s an old post about the holiday–Happy 4th of July! The 4th of July has always been a favorite holiday, even in territorial Alaska. Most small Alaskan towns had parades, contests, and other festivities. Here’s a few I’ve collected from…

  • Block 13 houses

    Anchorage History in Block 13

    The Anchorage area was used for fishing and subsistence grounds by the indigenous Dena’ina people, but it didn’t have a fixed settlement until it was founded as a townsite in 1915. So we don’t have a deep written history here.…