• Winter 2, Lynn Lovegreen

    Winter Wonderland, Alaska

    Alaska is beautiful all year long, but the winter provides great scenery.  The low sunlight is lovely against the snow and blue sky. And if you get up north, you have a good chance to see the Northern Lights in…

  • Winter 6, Lynn Lovegreen

    Many Shades of Alaskan Winter

    I am spoiled by all the scenery I see on a regular basis here in Southcentral Alaska. I love winter because of the low angles of sunlight, the snow, and alpenglow. Here are a few of my favorite photos from…

  • winter sky by Lynn Lovegreen

    Cold Alaska Winters

    The last few winters were mild in Southcentral Alaska. But this winter is colder, back to our historical norms. It’s hovering around -10 F (-23 C) here, which is nothing compared to temperatures in Alaska’s Arctic and Interior regions. That…

  • Anchorage

    Alaska Winter Wonderland

    Winter is a beautiful time in Alaska. Most parts of the state have snow and ice. (The Southeast panhandle sometimes gets snow, but it doesn’t always stay.) The sun is lower in the sky, which creates interesting light. That leads…