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    Building the Alcan Highway

    This month has two anniversaries for the Alcan (Alaska Canada) Highway. On November 3, 1942, construction crews building the Alaska Highway from the north and south met at “break through,” 20 miles east of the Alaska boundary. On November 22,…

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    On the Alcan Highway Post #3

    We’re near the southern end of the Alcan. (See the last two posts to learn more about the rest of our trip.) On the next part of our drive, we took a brief stop at the Sikanni (also called the…

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    On the Alcan Highway, Post #2

    Post #2 of our Alcan adventure! (See the last post to find out more about our trip.) After Whitehorse, we drove to Watson Lake to see the signpost forest and the visitor/interpretive center. The center had a great exhibit on…