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    Break Up: a Beautiful and Ugly Time in Alaska

    We’re having break up (also spelled breakup or break-up) right now. That is the time of year when all the snow and ice melts–sometimes over a period of a few weeks, sometimes agonizingly slowly, depending on the temperatures and precipitation.…

  • Ice out on Yukon River 2 Pilot Station Alaska by Mark Dornblaser U.S. Geological Survey mmdornbl@usgs.gov

    It’s Break Up Time in Alaska!

    A few days ago, the outside temperature was just above freezing. I basked in the warmth of the sun heating up the interior of my car as I drove across town. As I turned into the right lane, my wheels…

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    Break Up in Alaska

    Not quite spring here in Alaska, but we are having break up. That’s the time of year when the snow and ice melts. It can be quite a sight, especially on the rivers where huge blocks of ice break up…