• Alaska Book Week 2017

    Alaska Book Week 2017

    This year’s Alaska Book Week of October  1-7. This is a time for us to celebrate Alaskan authors and books. Events have been happening all over the state, from book signings to talks to a bookmark contest! See more at…

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    Happy Russian Orthodox Christmas!

    Note: I am working on a new first draft and pondering what I’ll do to help bring people together this year. (See last week’s blog post at http://lynnlovegreen.com/2016-a-good-year-for-the-arts-wrap-up/.) I confess my brain is a little full right now, so it’s a…

  • Alaska Book Week 2015

    Alaska Book Week: the Alaskan Writing Community

    Alaska Book Week 2015: the Alaska Writing Community I’ve been celebrating Alaska Book Week 2015 by interviewing one of my favorite Alaskan author DeNise Woodbury last Friday (http://www.lynnlovegreen.com/?p=1829), featuring Alaskan writers on Twitter (@lynnlovegreen), and posting a Denali video on…

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    Best Books of 2012 12/28/2012

    Best Books I Read in 2012: I read a lot of books this year, mostly Alaskan authors so they have overpowered this list! 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy these authors, even if you haven’t heard of some of them yet.…