• Chena River, Fairbanks, AK by Lynn Lovegreen

    Golden Heart City of Fairbanks

    I got to spend a week in Fairbanks, Alaska recently. Its rich history (by Alaskan standards, anyway) and friendly people make it a fun place to visit. I was staying at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to participate in a…

  • Wickersham_House_NRHP-79003757_Fairbanks_AK-author-Durkeeco.jpg

    Judge James Wickersham

    Judge James Wickersham was the Renaissance man of Alaska. Not only was he an author, judge, and territorial delegate to Congress, but he also enjoyed dog sled travel and mountain climbing.   He came to Alaska by appointment to the…

  • Nome, AK, July 4, 1916

    4th of July in Alaska

    Historically, Alaskans are big on celebrating the 4th of July. Even before we became a state, territorial residents made a point of partying on Independence Day. In my research, I’ve seen photos of parades in Skagway in 1898 and Nome…

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    When It’s Springtime in Alaska

    When It’s Springtime in Alaska it’s not really 40 below, my apologies to Johnny Horton. Yesterday’s highs were 10 degrees (F) in Nuiqsut, 35 in Barrow, 68 in Fairbanks, and 60 in Anchorage. You get the idea. We do have…

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    Break Up in Alaska

    Not quite spring here in Alaska, but we are having break up. That’s the time of year when the snow and ice melts. It can be quite a sight, especially on the rivers where huge blocks of ice break up…