• spruce trees near Fairbanks

    Fairbanks in Winter

    My husband and I recently spent a few days in Fairbanks. It’s usually frigid this time of year. We lucked out on the temperatures—it was below zero for only a short time. A record snowfall made it remarkable, and beautiful,…

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    Alaska and the 4th of July

    This is a reprise from a 2013 post on this blog. Happy Independence Day! Historically, Alaskans are big on celebrating the 4th of July. Even before we became a state, territorial residents made a point of partying on Independence Day.…

  • Yukon Quest logo

    Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race

    I have written about the history related to the Iditarod (see http://www.lynnlovegreen.com/iditarod-time/), but I didn’t know the history behind the Yukon Quest race until this year. Here’s a primer for those of you into sled dog racing and Alaska history.…

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    The Golden City of Fairbanks, and Golden Days

    Fairbanks, Alaska was founded in 1901 when E. T Barnette was dropped off on the bank of the Chena River and established his trading post there. Felix Pedro (Felice Pedroni) struck gold nearby, and soon Fairbanks became a boomtown.  …