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    Love, Justice, and MLK

    We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. today. It’s right and good that we honor his life and vision. I was born too late to have memories of him when he was alive and active in the civil rights movement. I’d…

  • GoldNuggets by Lynn Lovegreen

    My Most Romantic Scene

    This post first appeared on the Romancing the Genres blog, where I have a monthly gig. Check out the blog at http://romancingthegenres.blogspot.com. My Most Romantic Scene by Lynn Lovegreen I have written five young adult historical romances. I have several favorites…

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    Romance and Marriage

    Romance and Marriage–those two words didn’t always go together; in fact, prearranged marriages were common until the 1800s and still exist in some parts of the world. But today in our culture, we assume people marry for love. And most…

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    First I have health issues, then my dad has worse ones! I’ve spent most of the last five days in hospitals. But the good news is that he’s going to be all right (knock on wood). That is worth losing…