• Pride and Prejudice title page

    The Villain I Love to Hate

    Note: This was originally published on the Romancing the Genres blog. Check it out at https://romancingthegenres.blogspot.com. I don’t read a lot of books with stereotypical villains who laugh demonically and have evil plans to take over the world. But I…

  • entrance to the Seward small boat harbor area

    Seward, Alaska

    Last month, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary in Seward, Alaska. Let me tell you a little about this remarkable town. The Seward area of the Kenai Peninsula was originally frequented by the indigenous Alutiiq people as part of…

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    The Anchorage Times

    On June 5, 1915, The Anchorage Times published its first issue. The newspaper was founded by Ted Needham and L. Frank Shaw as the Pioneer-News. The first headline story was “Status of the New Townsite.” (At the time, the town…

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    Wellness 2020 Update

    I was going to focus on wellness this year. (See https://lynnlovegreen.com/2020-a-promising-year/.) Ironic, I know, in the year of a pandemic when people are hyper-aware of wellness or having trouble staying healthy or worse. My heart aches for everyone affected. May…