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    Writing is Like Baseball

    Baseball is America’s pastime for several reasons, but the reason I’m so attracted to it is the combination of individual performance and teamwork. Writing is like baseball in that way.   Yes, writing is a solitary pursuit in that we spend…

  • Book Fair Flyer

    SCBWI-Alaska Book Fair 11/28!

    One of my groups, the Alaska chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI-Alaska), is having a book fair on Wednesday! We’ll be at the Anchorage Barnes and Noble from 1:00 to 8:00 pm on 11/28/18. Read…

  • Writers and Illustrators Conference 2018

    The Joy of Writing Conferences

    I love writing conferences. I learn new things, and meet experts in the field. I have opportunities to see writing in a different way.  And most importantly, I get to hang out with my fellow writers. My family and friends…

  • Alaska Book Week 2015

    Alaska Book Week: the Alaskan Writing Community

    Alaska Book Week 2015: the Alaska Writing Community I’ve been celebrating Alaska Book Week 2015 by interviewing one of my favorite Alaskan author DeNise Woodbury last Friday (http://www.lynnlovegreen.com/?p=1829), featuring Alaskan writers on Twitter (@lynnlovegreen), and posting a Denali video on…