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    Winter Solstice

    Note: I’m running an encore blog post while I catch up with family and friends over the holidays. An earlier version of this post appeared in the AWRWA blog last winter.   To Alaskans, solstice is a big day. Our…

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    Winter Solstice 12/14/2012

    To Alaskans, solstice is a big deal. Our lives revolve around the seasons, the changes in weather and daylight. We notice how much sunlight we gain or lose each day. On the shortest day of the year, we look forward…

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    Summer Solstice, Writing Routines 6/22/2012

    Happy solstice! We Alaskans usually celebrate solstice because the amount of daylght affects our life so much. It is common to go hiking to a scenic place to watch the sunset, or have a baseball game at midnight. But I…