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    Please vote!

    The United States of America has a democratic republic, where voters elect leaders to write our laws and create many of the conditions we live in.  The preamble to our Constitution begins with “We the People of the United States,…

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    #Let’sThinkAbout Critical Thinking Wrap Up

    #Let’sThinkAbout Critical Thinking Wrap Up As you probably know by now, I declared 2018 the year of #Let’sThinkAbout critical thinking on my blog and wrote several posts on this theme. Today, we’ll do a quick summary of this year’s posts…

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    #Let’sThinkAbout Critical Thinking and Voting: VOTE411

    As you may recall, my blog theme this year is #Let’sThinkAbout Critical Thinking. (See more at http://lynnlovegreen.com/letsthinkabout-critical-thinking/.) This week, with early voting starting in many U.S. states, it’s a good time to think about critical thinking and voting.  In a…