Take Care of Yourself (Life During the 2020 Pandemic)

As you may know by now, I tend to be an optimist. While I acknowledge reality, I look on the sunny side of life whenever I can. But sometimes life seems to gang up on us, and that’s true during the COVID-19 pandemic. I haven’t been touched personally, knock on wood. But it is disheartening to hear all the bad news and know that people are in distress when I can’t go out and help them.

The best thing we can do is follow the health experts’ advice to wash our hands often and stay away from crowds. Plus, we can check on our loved ones and neighbors, especially elderly and at-risk folks. Of course, we can always donate money to good causes like the WHO and the Red Cross (The Red Cross currently needs blood donations, if you can do that also.)

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But outside of that, there’s not much to do but stay home and wait it out. And try not to worry. I’m having trouble with the last one. So here are some of my remedies/distractions. Maybe they will help you, too.

Do something with family. If you have loved ones at home, spend time together going for a walk, playing or creating with the kids, reading aloud, sharing memories of good times. For family members that don’t live with you, take the time to call and have a conversation, or at least check in with older family members. You’ll feel better that you’ve done it.

Indulge in domestic life. Are you into sewing, crafting, projects, tidying up? In my case it means a lot of cooking. I love to bake, and there’s something soothing about eating a hearty soup or meal, too. I often cook when I’m stressed. If we don’t need the food right away, I’ll give it to someone or stash it in the freezer for later.

Read a good book. I love to read, and there’s always a large stack of books I haven’t gotten to yet, so I have a lot to choose from. If not, there’s always ebooks from the library.

Write. (Or paint, knit, whatever your creative outlet is). I know, as a writer this should be on the top of my list. But there are days I just can’t. I often have to calm down via another distraction, then jump into writing.  

Find something soothing to watch. I’ve seen five episodes of The Great British Baking Show in the last 48 hours. You can use PBS Passport if you’re a member, or try If that doesn’t float your boat, try Bob Ross and his happy little clouds, or a travel show, or whatever visual works for you.

Watch something silly. The Muppets have always been a good go-to for me. Want to hear Gonzo and his chickens sing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” or see the Swedish Chef make a mess in the kitchen? Here’s the link to their YouTube channel:

Take care of yourself. I’ll try to do the same. We’ll get through this, together. 

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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