Teen Writers 7/20/2012

I had the opportunity to help with Writer’s Block, a teen writing group, this week. It was one of the few sunny days we’ve had this summer, so we only had three teens, one Americorps volunteer, and me. But we made up for our numbers with our enthusiasm. It was so great to see teens excited about writing and ready to try any ideas we suggested. And it led me to remember what it was like for me way back when.


One of our teens has a major crush on Justin Bieber. She admitted that she decided she was going to marry him at age 9. In my case, it was Paul McCartney I was going to marry at that age. And later I had crushes on many other singers and actors. Sigh–I recall my mad passion for that talented, cute guy, having daydreams about him, plastering his pictures all over my room and writing my future married name on paper. Yes, I remember. So fun to see someone else enjoy that stage in life.


Another teen has a way of adding humor to her stories. Still another teen is going to be the next Stephen King. He has started on his horror novel, and is thinking about the movie version. In my opinion, he has a good chance of reaching that goal. He is bright and already motivated. Who knows what he’ll accomplish by the time he’s my current age? It is inspiring to see the up and comers, the future authors. I am looking forward to my next session with these teen writers.

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