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Those period dramas!

I love PBS’s TV show Masterpiece. Whether it’s a classic book I know well or a story that’s new to me, I know there will be a brilliant script and great actors. But my favorites are the period dramas.

Like many of us, I was hooked on Downton Abbey and Poldark, and I’m now an avid Victoria fan. (See my Pinterest boards if you need proof.) I enjoy learning about the history in a painless way and gaining insight into people of the time. And the clothes! I confess the clothes are a huge part of why I love these shows.

You wouldn’t get me into a corset for a thousand dollars, but I can look at old-fashioned clothes for hours. I love to see the elegant dresses and other outfits. And some of the men’s waistcoats and cravats are just as nice. Silks and satins and velvets, oh my!  Maybe they had more style back then, or maybe it’s just fun to see it all now when we don’t have to wear it or wash it by hand. I’m glad the actors do it for our entertainment.

Check out to get your fix or find out how to become a member and help pay for these shows. And maybe we’ll think of each other while we’re watching next Sunday night!

Photos courtesy of PBS


Downton Abbey source PBSPoldark source PBS

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