Sikanni River Bridge

Traveling Memories, and Romance

I’ve been traveling with my husband for the last four weeks. If you follow me on social media, you probably know about the Alcan part of the trip. We also drove through parts of Canada and the United States to put the bus to bed for the winter, visited with friends and relatives en route, and attended a reunion in California. Good thing we’re great companions for each other—that’s a long time living in close quarters! But the point is, we did fine and had some lovely moments. Here are a few:


Walking around the remains of the old bridge at the Sikanni Chief River in British Columbia. (The photo is at the interpretive sign for the bridge.)


Sipping beer in a pub in Alberta, discussing why my mother had a crush on Joe Montana.


Staying up late talking with our friends in Minnesota, each person adding an element to the conversation.


Showing the bus to his cousin’s 6-year-old son. My husband was almost as enthused as he was.


Talking with people at my husband’s high school reunion, watching people listen to and enjoy his stories.


When people ask me why I write romance, I give one of several answers, depending on the person and the occasion. But one of the main reasons is my marriage. I am so lucky to be married to the same person for thirty years and still have a romantic partnership with him. I want to share this good feeling with others. Thanks, Darlin’. It was a wonderful trip, and I am glad to be home with you.

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.


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