Quicksilver to Gold by Lynn Lovegreen

What are you wishing for at the end of your rainbow?

This blog post first appeared in Prism Book Group’s Irish Gold Blog Hop, March 15-18, 2013

Jeannie Kelly is the main character in my novel Quicksilver to Gold.


What are you wishing for at the end of your rainbow?

by Jeannie Kelly


That’s funny, my Irish father always told us stories about leprechauns and the end of the rainbow, so I’ve thought about this question before. My answer is three things: true love, respect, and the big strike.


I suppose all girls wish for true love. No reason to settle down and get married otherwise. I’ve met my true love, Clint. He is strong and honest and has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. But he won’t pursue me for some reason, so I’m taking lessons on how to be a lady so he’ll pay more attention to me.


I wish for respect, from my family and others. Everybody treats me like the same little girl, not noticing that I’m grown up now and I’m a good miner to boot. I wish people would listen to me. On top of that, claim jumpers took our mining claims, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Why won’t they show respect for us hardworking miners and get those thieves off our land?


I also wish for the big strike. As I said, I’m a miner. I’m better at finding gold than anybody else in my family. And one day I’ll prove it by hitting the mother lode. Won’t that get everybody’s attention?!


In the meantime, I’ll work on my lady lessons and help fight the claim jumpers. I hope to get back to our claim soon. Maybe I’ll find that rainbow by working toward it.


Hoping you find the end of your rainbow too,


Jeannie Kelly


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