When It’s Springtime in Alaska

When It’s Springtime in Alaska it’s not really 40 below, my apologies to Johnny Horton. Yesterday’s highs were 10 degrees (F) in Nuiqsut, 35 in Barrow, 68 in Fairbanks, and 60 in Anchorage. You get the idea. We do have warmer weather in spring.


And spring is when the migrating birds come to Alaska. Sandhill cranes come to Creamer’s Field in Fairbanks, trumpeter swans visit Potter Marsh near Anchorage, and little sandpipers and dunlins fly to the edges of Kachemak Bay near Homer. Many Alaskan communities have bird festivals in the spring. Here are a few:


The Alaska Hummingbird Festival is April 29-May 31st in Ketchikan:


Cordova hosts the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival May 8-11:


Homer hosts the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival the same dates:


The town of Kenai hosts the Kenai Birding Festival on May 5-18:


Even if you’re not a diehard birder, it is fun to watch for the birds as spring arrives.


Hope you’re enjoying spring wherever you are. Do you have migratory birds in your part of the world?


(Photo credit: Ltshears on Wikicommons)

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