Who is Ellie Webster?

Ellie Webster is the main character in my upcoming young adult historical romance Fools Gold. She is an intelligent eighteen-year-old, the responsible older sister to Billy, who she accompanies to the Klondike Gold Rush to save the family farm. Ellie is savvy in the world of her Nebraska farm and nearby town of Red Cloud. But she has no experience with the outside world. Her dedication to family and her strong will lead her to an adventure unlike anything she’s ever known.


Ellie’s mama raised her to be a lady, and she takes pride in her blue traveling suit and good manners. She keeps her dignity among the scruffy miners on the trail, and proves she’s as strong as any man. Ellie learns she can remain a lady even without nice clothes and four solid walls around her. And she is a good businesswoman when the occasion arises. This empowers her in a way that she grows to enjoy.


But Ellie isn’t looking for romance. She’s not prepared for Duke Masterson and his sparkling blue eyes, or the emotions he enkindles in her. Will she have to choose between marriage and her newly-found independence?


Fools Gold will be released by Prism Book Group soon–on December 4th, 2013! See the direct link at

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I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.


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