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I belong to several writing groups, but the first one I joined, and the one in which I have the most friends, is the Alaska chapter of Romance Writers of America (AKRWA). We have several published authors and some right on the cusp of publishing, so it’s always exciting to hear everyone’s news.

Lately, we have one member who is on a blog tour for her first book release (Lizbeth Selvig with The Rancher and the Rock Star, It is thrilling to follow Lizbeth on her tour and see other people say they love the book I first saw as a draft. And it is great to hear that DeNise Woods has been asked for a full and Sylvia Violetta for a partial manuscript by noted experts in the industry. I am so proud of my colleagues, and so glad their talent is being recognized. And who knows, maybe my turn will be next? The energy is positive and infectious, and makes me want to keep writing.(Not that I would quit anyway, but it adds to the fun.) Thanks ladies, for sharing your journey with us!

Tell us about your own story. Do you have friends who share your passions?

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.


  • Morgan Q. O'Reilly

    It is an exciting time at AKRWA! So much good news and it’s great knowing there’s more to come. Glad to hear you’re keepin’ on keepin’ on!

  • Jae Awkins

    Great blog, Lynn. Writer’s support groups are invaluable to both publisher and unpublished authors.
    Congratulations to all the authors about to enter the realm of the published!!! :o)

  • Tam Linsey

    Hey, Lynn, what a nice post! I love sharing good news with fellow writers – theirs and my own. And I love that so many of my writer friends also share other various passions with me – cooking, gardening, GMO’s, even chickens!

  • Lizbeth Selvig

    It’s so sweet of you to mention us, Lynn. But you said it yourself–you saw some of these works when they were just drafts. They’d never have made it to requests and editors without your support. We’re all in this together! It’s your turn soon!

  • Char Chaffin

    Wonderful blog, Lynn. I agree about AKRWA. One of the smartest things I ever did was join AKRWA. I’ve gotten nothing but support from every member, and when I finally published my debut novel, you all cheered for me. My second novel is almost ready for submission and again, I know you’ll give me that high-Alaskan-Five.

    One of these days when I return to my beloved Alaska, I hope to actually sit in meeting with all of you.

    Char Chaffin

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