Writing with Teens

I had the opportunity to lead writing activities at the Girl Scouts of Alaska Encampment last weekend. Hundreds of girls in grades K to 12 gathered in Palmer to camp out and try new things, from art to chemistry to animal husbandry to history. I asked to work with older girls, and was able to write with five different troops from all over Alaska. I enjoyed getting to know them and was blown away by their creativity. The stories they could write in thirty minutes were amazing!

I have had similar experiences working with teens in the Anchorage Public Library system and the Anchorage School District. Young people are more willing to think outside the box and look at things with fresh eyes. So it’s always fun to write with them. While I do my best to share my writing wisdom with them, they give me energy and inspiration in return. I am so lucky to write for and with young adults.

Writing at Encampment 2019

If you can help a local library, school, or Scout troop with your time or money, please do so. These kids will give us a brighter future tomorrow if we just make a small investment in them today.

Shameless promotion: I’ll be in the Seward Library on July 31st to write with teens there—if you’re in the area, stay tuned for details!

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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